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The SECURE project is ending on October 31st 2013. PONTOn has provided sensors for 8, 11 and 13 year old learners and “The machine” for the 5 year olds.

Along with the sensors there are activities, mostly developed by CMA and as a follow up of the Pollen and Fibonacci projects.

These are available on a Dropbox.

Those that would like to get access to this Dropbox folder need to contact wim.peeters.int@telenet.be .

PONTOn is prepared to support all efforts done in using these materials in the classroom.


New website MOSEM project family

As the coordinator Vegard Farstad announces on September 15th 2011:” … Today we launch our new website http://mosem.eu with the results of our series of projects. I hope you will find something interesting there. Also please connect to us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it will help to grow our community.”

All you wanted to know about superconductivity is there: scientific knowledge, low tech experiments, high tech experiments and above all the superconductivity Moebius track. Go and have a look at it.

PONTOn active abroad

Members of PONTOn will be present in different countries to promote her activities and to learn at conferences, for example:

19 December 2011: A team will be at the WOUDSCHOTEN conference inThe Netherlands. Patrick Walravens will take the lead in two workshops.

First week of July 2012: Members of PONTOn will be present at the WORLD CONFERENCE on PHYSICS EDUCATION in Istanbul.


Welcome to the website of  PONTOn VZW .

We are currently building up this site.

The English pages refer mainly to our international commitments: we have been participating in three European projects.

Our members are also active on the international level by attending conferences and giving teacher training sessions abroad.

For more details, please go to the pages involved.